About Us

Feel the fear set in! Feel the seconds tick away! Feel the adrenaline rush kick in!

Taking thrill, excitement, and entertainment to a complete new level, we take pride in introducing you to the innovative concept of escape rooms! Thoughtfully designed and creatively executed, these rooms are no ordinary rooms, rather they will put your knowledge, patience and emotions to test!

Imagine being part of a game which is full of action, drama and suspense, but with a twist! There is no pause button, there are no cheat codes and there is no option to RESTART! The game is real, the plot is real, YOU are real! Every move you make, every decision you take will have a resulting consequence!

Locked in a room for 60 minutes, and the only way out is by solving challenging puzzles! Think you have what it takes to explore these mysterious escape rooms? Stay rest assured, the game mechanics have been designed to give you the ultimate fun and excitement!

Come with an open mind and play with an open heart – We welcome you to Goosebumps!

P.S We always stay true to our name!